Saturday, October 5, 2013

flesh eating drug called krokodil

Flesh Eating Drug Called Krokodil

Krokodil is Russia's deadliest drug that eats the flesh off users. In the below video is some very disturbing images of flesh rotting from the krokodil users leg, arm, and shows the serious effect on the skin. Viewers please be warned that the images are graphic.

Here is our latest youtube video displaying the flesh eating drug called krokodil. This drug eats the flesh from users and rots the skin on legs, arms, and anywhere on the skin where the user injects the dangerous Krokodil Drug. Users be advised this video is graphic: Please subscribe to our youtube channel? 

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Desomorphine Is a opioid that was created by the United States Government in the year of 1932. It is made from Morphine and is said to be 12 times more powerful than the drug Morphine itself. This drug mixed with other powerful drugs is called Crocodile Drug or Krokodil Drug in European countries where people are now plagued by the sheer devastation the Crocodile Drug has caused. The Crocodile Drug is said to be a flesh eating drug that so far has no cure in site.

The Crocodile Drug or as it is called in Europe Krokodil Drug is one that is shot into the veins with a needle. WARNING this should never be tried by anyone reading this post. The Crocodile Drug is so powerful it eats the flesh away at the point of the needles entry and is said to be 12 times stronger than that of the drug Morphine. At the injection site of the drug user, the effected area will quickly turn a green color from gangrene and start turning a greenish color with a scaly appearance. Afterwards the area is invested with gangrene it will quickly start rotting away the flesh and eat the meat down to the bone.

The Crocodile Drug is spreading fast over the European Continent, but mostly the Eastern parts of Europe and mainly Russia. The average live span of a drug user hooked on the now world famous Krokodil Drug is expected less than a year. And you can guess why. How long can you live with a drug eating your flesh away and setting up gangrene in your body? This Drug is very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. We are only posting this website to act as a public safety announcement and do not endorse or support this crazy Crocodile Drug in any way, form, shape, or fashion!

Images of Crocodile Drug or Krokodil Drug Called Desomorphine!

Here is some very disturbing images of the devastating Crocodile Drug Called Desomorphine. Viewer discretion and caution is strongly advised.

Here is a woman that lost flesh on her arm all the way to the bone from using the powerful Krokodil Drug Desomorphine.
krokodil,krokodil images,krokodile pictures

Clearly you can see just how powerful this horrible drug can be on the body. This woman learned this the hard way!

Here is a second image of a woman that lost flesh from here arm while using the drug called Desomorphine.
krokodil,krokodil images,krokodile pictures

Clearly you can see how terrible this is and why you should stay away from the Krokodil Drug at any cost. Remember the live span for a Desomorphine Drug Addict is less than a year and this still has been no cure found for this.

Here is another grueling image of Crocodile drug use cause and effect that it will have on the human body. Here is a image of a guy that has the flesh on his leg rotting away from the gangrene that is cause by using the Desomorphine street drug called Crocodile Drug or in European countries they refer to the drug as Krokodil Drug. Either or it has the same effects on the human body. Please never try this drug.
krokodil,krokodil images,krokodile pictures

Here is image 4 of the Krokodile Drug called Desomorphine and the nasty effects it will have on the human body in a very short amount of time.
krokodil,krokodil images,krokodile pictures

Here is a doctor pulling away flesh and checking the wound cause by gangrene this addict got from using the Crocodile Drug. Looks painful!

Here is image 5 of the ever powerful Krokodil Drug Desomorphine. I ain't a doctor but my money would suggest that if that leg doesn't get better soon, she may need to have it removed. Just a harsh reality and a simple truth.
krokodil,krokodil images,krokodile pictures

This is a very powerful and harmful drug that has no cure. This blog post was created to remind all men and women that choose drug use for recreation purposes or any other reason, just why they may need to rethink their positions. Maybe go to rehab or simply put stay away from Desomorphine please!